So you know it is actually called magick but I left it that way so more people could find this. Its like a higher understaning. It can show you so much but it can also be so dangerous. Magic can come in many forms. Like charm jewelry, prayer, or even summoning.


Charms are something you make either by hand or by adding your magick or spell to them to help either to protect or to help in some other matter. Either carry on or around your person.


Summoning can be dangerous depending on the entity you try and summon. But also interesting. 

Tech 1:

If you know your house to have spirits or entities in it a calling can be used to draw its interest to you. Spirits have their own minds. As such they are not compelled or forced to obey this. Rather think of it as a request for their presence.

A simple calling:

1.Find a quiet and preferably dimly lit area of the house.

2. Channel and build your psi through EM

3. Speak into the air "Spirit I know you are here. I request your presence. Make yourself known."

4. As you say the words release the psi through them. This will add an element of mind speak which will help the spirit hear you. 

5. Wait a minute if it does not appear it simply wishes not to show and try later. If you see an astral body or hear a voice in your head that comes from all around. Congrats it came. 

Tech 2:

Sometimes you may want to summon a specific god or a demon lord or another metaphysical entity. So, to sum it up, you sort of have to do the same as last time, but you have to remember to call out their name, and to add tools if needed.

Note of caution. Never ever ever. make a deal or a promise to a spirit you cannot follow through on or "Open the door" "lower the wall"  or any similar request. As it leads to possession. Its a hell of alot easier to let a demon in. Than it is to get it out.