Dragons Edit

Dragons are creatures that resemble large lizards from western dragons, to eastern, etc. Dragons in the etheric range from different affinities so far found:








Multi spectral



Dragons in terms of social standings range from feral, tribal, and royal. Draconics from each elemental affinity has their own dialect they speak and tend to stick to their own people/realm/creator.

Summarized History Edit

Dragons creation is vast, it ranges from so many creators from Kur, to each different primordial deity that chose to create them, dragons are old ancient beings and tend to have the affinity similar to their creator, dragons can range from dragons from the etheric side of this plane, to another realm entirely, they can even be a form of starseed.

What Others Say Edit

"Primordially, dragons represent fire. Although they are seem commonly as big lizard-like winged creatures in different cultures, they come in various shapes and forms. Dragons tend to be more individualistic and territorial to a point, and grow wiser with age, that same wisdom may cause a small amount of arrogance in some dragons.

Dragons appear in many cultures around the world, and in most of them, they are seen in caves, mountains and overall isolated places, further more representing the individuality that was formerly mentioned." ~Kiba